Migraine Headache Treatment without Harmful Medicines

Migraine headaches can make an otherwise normal life impossible. The smallest sound booms in your ears like a cannon. The front of your head pounds continuously as you forcefully massage your temple hoping that the perpetual throbbing will go away. You separate yourself away from your friends and family to escape the awkwardness of not […]

Burlington Technology Relieves Neck Pain

Neck pain can be absolutely miserable. Normal activities like brushing your teeth or combing your hair seem impossible when shooting neck pain jolts down your back. Even sleeping is difficult when neck pain throbs all night long. Do you just want to get some relief so you can live normally again? Are you tired of […]

Fibromyalgia Could be the Source of Exhaustion

Fibromyalgia can be the cause of constant fatigue, exhaustion, and widespread muscle and joint pain. It can keep you bedridden and dejected if not analyzed and treated accurately. Activities as trivial as getting dressed in the morning can leave you tired and sore all over your body as if you haven’t slept for days. Have […]

New Knee Pain Relief Technology from Two Burlington Doctors

Dr. Galgano helps patients avoid surgery and live pain-free with modern technology.

Knee pain can make life miserable. You wish you could still run like when you were young or take a relaxing stroll through the park with your spouse… like you did before your knees started aching. Even walking around the house becomes strenuous and excruciating as you fight through every step. Feeling great mentally but […]

Lower Back Pain Treatment for Long Term Relief

Lower back pain may not go away on it's own.

Lower back pain can be annoying and even disabling in severe cases. Certain events and stages in life are inevitable; for example, no matter how advanced and modern we become or how innovative the scientific developments grow; we can do nothing to stop the process of aging (at least not in the near future). Aging […]

Burlington Chiropractic Website

Burlington Chiropractic is launching this website to keep you informed of the latest drug free and surgery free treatments to regain and maintain your healthy happy lifestyle. If you are in the Burlington area and need chiropractic care, call us at 609-747-1100 to schedule an appointment. We will gently treat your pain and design a […]