New Knee Pain Relief Technology from Two Burlington Doctors

Dr. Galgano helps patients avoid surgery and live pain-free with modern technology.

Dr. Galgano helps patients avoid surgery and live pain-free with modern technology.

Knee pain can make life miserable.

You wish you could still run like when you were young or take a relaxing stroll through the park with your spouse… like you did before your knees started aching.

Even walking around the house becomes strenuous and excruciating as you fight through every step.

Feeling great mentally but being limited physically from painful knees is no way to live.

You desire the days of being adventurous and full of energy like you use to be… but your knees aren’t the same… the pain takes control of your daily life!

You’ve tried home remedies and gone to countless doctors but nothing gets rid of the pain… At least not for long…

If you continue to ignore the pain, it may develop into increasing joint damage, disability, and pain.

Do your knees make crunching and popping noises when you walk?

Do you regularly feel stabbing pains when your knees are bent – even while resting in your recliner?

Your knees are important for stability, balance, and a wide range of motion.

Healthy knees are essential for normal mobilization… When your knees are worn down or injured, it can be the most intense joint pain you’ll ever have to deal with.

Related conditions include bone-on-bone, crunching and popping sounds, and bursitis.

At Burlington Chiropractic, Dr. James and Antoniette Galgano have been using a new breakthrough technology for restoring knee function and eliminating pain for hundreds of patients.

We don’t use drugs or surgery…

“Before coming to Burlington Chiropractic, I was seriously considering knee surgery… Since beginning my adjustments, a few months ago, my conditions have drastically improved, so much so that I feel no surgery is necessary! When leaving after my adjustments, I feel like a new man, thanks to Burlington Chiropractic!”

- Ron of Burlington

We use three techniques that get results… REAL results…

1. Alignment

Knee pain can be caused when leg bones are rotated abnormally due to injury. This can make the knee twist in the wrong direction resulting in joint irritation and deterioration causing nagging to severe pain. Correctly re-aligning the knee joint can give immediate relief and normal knee function.

2. Multiple Impulse Technology (MIT)

Multiple Impulse Technology has been around for 25 years and has been shown to reduce knee pain caused by subluxation, joint restriction, spasms, and ligament strain. PIM uses non-invasive high-frequence impulses to accelerate the knee’s natural healing ability to regain pain-free stability and range of motion. We use cutting edge PulStar G3TM technology to precisely target the problem area and effectively give you the relief you’ve been searching for.

3. Nerve Pressure Relief

Pressure on the nerves directly responsible for sensation and proper knee functioning can be the cause of agonizing pain, numbness, or tingling. When properly located and treated, pain relief can be achieved if addressed quickly before the pressure gets more intense or permanent. We work to identify and correct the pinched nerve at the problem point (which may not be at the location of the pain).

If you are suffering with any of these unpleasant symptoms, we may be your best solution to treat your knees to relieve the pain and get back your energy, balance, and mobility.

Our MIT modern non-invasive technology improves circulation, aids in healing tissue, reduces swelling, and reduces pain.

Getting a thorough examination might be the best way to finally discover the core of the problem to be able to determine the optimal treatment.

Pain killing drugs and anti-inflammatory prescriptions may temporarily lessen the pain but they only cover up the pain while the underlying injury continues to get worse.

Surgery may also be too risky when non-surgical cold laser therapy could be the solution for your knee pain.

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